About the project

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Research on digitalization and its manifold implications for social justice and environmental integrity has been gaining momentum in recent years. A number of analyses show that current forms of digitalization rather accelerate economic and social inequalities while environmental costs outweigh environmental benefits. Hence, the need for societal and political action to reshape digitalization is becoming increasingly clear. But what are core elements of a sustainable digitalization that contribute to deep sustainability transformations, and how can these be implemented?

The European research network “Digitalization for Sustainability: Science in Dialogue“ addresses these questions by co-creating interdisciplinary approaches towards a sustainable global future in the face of the rapid development of digital technologies and applications.

Our Expert Panel consisting of researchers from European academia, think tanks, and civil society orgranizations includes different scientific disciplines and reflects diverse thematic and national backgrounds. The dialogue aims at integrating various topics regarding digitalization/ICT (e.g., data governance, platform economics, surveillance/privacy, AI) with topics regarding sustainability transformations (inter- and intranational justice, sectoral transitions in energy, mobility and agriculture, sustainable production & consumption) in order to synthesize these into an integrated, comprehensive analysis of prospects, risks, governance options and policy solutions for a sustainable digitalization.

Out of the dialogue and the research endeavours of the Expert Panel, we plan to publish a series of policy papers, which develop both system knowledge derived from the interdisciplinary analysis as well as hands-on policy proposals how to shape digitalization to make it work for sustainability transformations.

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The project “Digitalization for Sustainability: Science in Dialogue” is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Tilman Santarius and his team at the Einstein Centre Digital Future of Technische Universität Berlin and is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.