The European research network “Digitalization for Sustainability – Science in Dialogue(D4S) is dedicated to develop a progressive vision for a digitalization that fosters environmental and social sustainability.

The project aims at enhancing the science-policy discourse by:

delivering a comprehensive analysis

of opportunities, risks and governance options regarding digitalization and sustainability

developing guidelines, design principles, policies and new institutions

to shape digitalization towards deep sustainability transformations

outlining an inter- and transdisciplinary research agenda

on ‘digitalization for sustainability’

At the very core of the research network stands a group of 15 renowned experts, consisting of European researchers as well as practitioners representing a variety of institutions and schools of thought. Learn more about the members of our Expert Panel and the project below.

More about the project

Upcoming: Partner event at EU Green Week

We kindly invite you to our partner event titled „A resilient Twin Transition: Policies for a Digital Green Economy“ at this years EU Green Week. During this week EU policymakers come together with environmentalists and stakeholders to debate EU environmental policies. The short D4S workshop takes place online on June 2nd 2022. Links and details will follow shortly.

Our Expert Panel

University of Sheffield

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European Commission

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Cardiff University

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University of Zurich

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Cambridge University

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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Humboldt University Berlin, ECDF

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Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)

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Harvard University- Graduate School of Design | Tactical Tech

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Technical University Berlin, ECDF

Project Lead
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University of Oxford

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Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC

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