Dr. Ilias Iakovidis

European Commission

Biography (as at 2022)

Ilias Iakovidis, PhD, is currently an Adviser at the European Commission, DG CONNECT coordinating the work related to Green digital transformation.

The work involves development of EU wide measures to improve the energy and material efficiency of the ICT sector, in particular datacentres, electronic communications and digital devices. Ilias is also working on maximising the contribution of digital solutions (networks, technologies and applications) to accelerate the transition to circular economy, and, to support the sustainability goals in sectors such as energy networks, manufacturing, transport, and agri-food. He is exploring with stakeholders development of consistent and transparent methods to estimate the net impact of digital solutions on environment/climate.

Before that, he was leading and managing eHealth and ICT for active and healthy ageing units and activities of the European Commission.


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