D4S is inviting you to a webinar hosted by the group CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability). Their Digital Discovery session in December is focused on our report Digital Reset: Redirecting Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation. 

When: 7 December, 2pm CET
Where: Online- Join the event on MS Teams

Digital Reset shows how digital technologies can support the quest for a deep sustainability transformation. The report provides a blueprint for the European Union on how to conceptualize digitalization so that it first and foremost contributes to achieving carbon neutrality, resource autonomy and economic resilience while supporting equity and fully respecting citizen’s rights and privacy.

The session will be hosted by the lead authors Steffen Lange and Tilman Santarius and is moderated by Shivam Kishore, UNEP’s Senior Digital Transformation Advisor and Co-champion of CODES

We invite to you explore the key findings of the report, with a focus on two areas: circular industry beyond growth and shifting and avoiding consumption.