Our D4S expert panel members Tilman Santarius, Lorenz Hilty, Dorothea Kleine, Angelika Hilbeck, Philipp Staab, Marianne Ryghaug, Mattias Höjer, Hugues Ferreboeuf and Stephanie Hankey travelled to Berlin for Germany’s biggest and one-of-a-kind conference on digitalization and sustainability: the Bits & Bäume [„bits and trees“] 2022.

They presented the new report „Digital reset“ with great success and interest as our 300 hard copies were all taken only hours later. Rewatch the session:

D4S further organized a community meetup at which international practitioners, activists and researchers could mingle and learn about networks, funding opportunities, projects and of course our report and its implications.

Further, Hugues Ferreboeuf gave another workshop about the insights of his soon to be pubished D4S working paper.

More impressions of the report presentation:

Photos CC-by Silke Mayer, Bits & Bäume 2022